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Our Company

MCD Project Services is a dynamic construction and civil engineering company proudly backed by our parent Australian company’s wealth of experience in construction and civil engineering, with our roots in Ireland. We are now excited to build upon and bring our proven expertise to the heart of the United Kingdom to continue our Irish and Australian legacy of excellence and a commitment to delivering top tier solutions.

Foundation of Experience

Established in 2017, MCD Project Services originated from a visionary team of construction professionals with a combined expertise of over 3 decades in the construction industry across Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. MCD Project Services parent company in Australia and our Irish roots has to date played an important role in the expertise we have gained, contributing to major infrastructure projects in collaboration with Tier one contractors in Australia.

Extending Global Excellence to the UK
MCD Project Services expanding UK presence is built upon the foundation of our Irish and Australian branches. While our initial operations in the UK began in 2021, our roots have already established a deep connection within the industry. We are committed to expanding and extending the same high-quality service and expertise our current valued clients avail of, to our new clients throughout the United Kingdom. This global footprint empowers us to offer a diverse perspective while maintaining our commitment to excellence. Our shared mission between our Irish and UK branches is to deliver the highly qualified services, project staff and business recruitment services.

Our Unified Vision

At MCD Project Services, we continue to embark on our exciting journey that spans continents, united and that is driven by a shared commitment to excellence in the construction and civil engineering sector. With a strong presence already achieved in Australia, the further development of our UK and Ireland branches will continue to build upon this vision serving as the continued formula to reflect our core principles.

Connecting People for Success

Rooted in the collective expertise of our parent Australian company, within our expanding UK and Irish branches we firmly believe that collaboration and trust form the bedrock of our efforts. Working together, we strive to achieve shared goals.

Advancing for the Future

In an industry lead by rapid evolution, continual rapid adaption and the ability to evolve to meet out diverse range of client’s needs guides our path. By embodying a culture of continuous enhancement, we strive to maintain our position to date as leaders in the market.

Building a Diverse Foundation for Excellence

The fusion of insights and ongoing expertise from our Australian, and expanding UK and Irish operations will create a potent synergy. This synergy places us in a unique position to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Innovation for Optimal Solutions

Our dedication lies in providing unique services that optimize all facets of our projects. Bringing inspiration from our collective expertise, we are resolute in streamlining operations and delivering solutions that stand as a proof of our commitment to innovation.

Our Commitment

We continue to uphold and improve upon the values that have made Australian parent company with its company roots in Ireland and operations to date in Ireland and the UK stand out in the construction industry.

As MCD Project Services continues to make its mark across the UK, our commitment remains a key foundation of our ongoing and future success.

What We Can Do

Empowering Projects and People is what we do best

At MCD Project Services, we bring an international proven record of success to your projects, influenced by our Australian expertise. Our success is driven by our people’s expertise and collaboration and we commit to nurturing enduring relationships with both clients and candidates.

Why Choose Us


Drawing from our Irish and Australian backgrounds, MCD Project Services possesses a robust industry expertise that ensures the best outcomes.

Proven Results

Our track record in Major Project Delivery speaks volumes. We possess the credentials for successful results. Our talent pool guarantees the right expertise at every stage of your journey.


We forge robust partnerships with our clients and staff to deliver the best outcomes.


Mirroring our Irish and Australian values, we are committed to nothing less than excellence in all we do. Your trust is supported by transparency and streamlined communication.


Recruitment Services

MCD provides Civil Construction Recruitment Services for contract and permanent staff.

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